Bella is an android that is made to serve. According to humans, people like her are not capable of feeling, thinking or wanting. Bella, however, thinks a lot. She feels, she wants, and she is in love with Tom, which is also an android. Bella suffers verbal abuse daily, and she has to accept it because of the threat of being sent to the incinerator. But one day something happens, and Bella has to make a choice that can mean the difference between life and death…

My favorite was Another Day by Eva Holmquist. A nice short story about a hybrid (human robot) who is used as a slave and her longing for a free life with the one she loves. – Carola Strömstedt

The short story is deep even though it is short & gives me the feeling of romance & science fiction vibes with a dystopian touch. – Patricia Lule Hamilton

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