Practicing my craft

Eva Holmquist Fotografi: Day Fotografi

I always want to improve and learn new things. One important part for that in my writing is to practice my craft. I tend to focus on one are, and explore and practice that aspect in my stories. Other aspects are handled by my unconscious in the mean time. By putting an emphasis on that particular aspect, and practicing that. It transforms into unconscious knowledge. When I feel like I’ve reached that point, I’ll choose another aspect to focus on.

Right now, I’m focusing to get better at depth, i.e. getting all sensory details (not just the visual ones) through the opinions of the character. I took Dean Wesley Smith’s Depth Workshop last year, and it was really good. However, you can’t just learn by taking a workshop. You have to practice as well. So, now I’m in the practice phase, and it gets easier and easier not to forget depth. I do have a tendency to sometimes get in too much of a hurry and then leaving it all in my head instead of getting it onto the page… 😉

I’m not ready to change my focus yet, so I’ll keep at it a while longer.

What do you like to do? And what do you do to practice?

New near-future science fiction

In the year 2250. 

Lost, Wilma moves from the enclosed city to a sleepy residential area. 

A fresh start! Nothing like the city. Nobody knows her painful past. No unbearable sympathy. 

She hopes to forget. Instead, she meets her future. A future that sets her on a dangerous path.

Is she desperate enough to grab it?

In the near-future Life-of-Androids Universe, Playdate highlights a significant event in Wilma’s life. An event that starts her on her path to becoming a woman of legend among humans and androids alike.