An avalanche of short stories

There’s practically an avalanche of short stories coming out this year and I haven’t had time to write about them all so here’s a complete list of the latest releases… 🙂

Cover Date in a Spaceship

Life at Descansar – Heart-warming science fiction!

In the belly of the spaceship Adelante, newly arrived Maya waits for Cezar, her first date. A cramped, dark hallway. Lights sunken into the ceiling. Walls painted dreary gray. Not a single plant.
Not safe!
Gigantic signs. Authorized Personnel Only.
Why meet here?
Then Cezar arrives with scary plans.
A sweet story of a date. And an exciting discovery.

A new delightful science fiction story in the Descansar Universe.

“This short novel made me smile and laugh, remembering how it was in the beginning to date someone. Amazed how much Eva managed to tell in such a short story, looking forward to read more of her books.” – @jt.bocker161212 on Instagram

Cover The Story of Descansar

Life at Descansar – Heart-warming science fiction!

You’d think it was easy to be a space station.
But no, it’s not.
Space station Descansar discovers a plot to destroy it.
Old, sentient, filled with life.
What to do?
A life-changing science fiction story told by space station Descansar.

“Nice story with a nice twist, and a surprising end.” – @jt.bocker161212 on Instagram

Cover Whispers

Life at Descansar – Heart-warming science fiction!

Bruno screws up on his first day. Lost in an enormous spaceship, eerily quiet corridor, with a pungent odor, making his nose itch.
Then he hears a haunting sound.

An intriguing story about a chilling discovery aboard the spaceship Torotoro.

“As always Eva make me long for her stories in the Descansar Universe, they are so good!!!” – @jt.bocker161212 on Instagram

Arson release 25th of January

The short story Arson is up on pre-order and release date is set to the 25th of January 2023. 🙂

Arson cover

Life at Descansar – Heart-warming science fiction!

Obnoxious smell. Thick, acrid, and kind of sweet. Interior burned to a crisp.
But shiny, new-looking walls?
Worse. It isn’t the first arson crime scene. It is the third…
A call to a bizarre crime scene pulls Danka into the biggest arson investigation of her career.
Can she solve the mystery before the next attack threatens everything she holds dear?

Arson is the first story in the Descansar Universe.

“Nice characters, smart and driven. Good foundation to build a really fantastic set of novels in the future.” – @jt.bocker161212 on Instagram