Descansar, the largest space station in this part of the galaxy. Home to ordinary people trying to make a living, smugglers and other criminals taking what they thought were the easy route, and security personnel always in pursuit of the truth or at least what they believe to be the truth. A hub for trade, travel, and shady dealings.

On Descansar everything can happen, and given enough time it will…

For me as a writer, Descansar is a fascinating world. 

In a large space station like Descansar, a myriad of different people with diverse world view interacts. I’m fascinated by how we, as humans, navigate through the maze of different cultures and norms. At Descansar there isn’t a government or an organization in charge. It works like a city that has grown from a small marketplace to a gigantic city. This means the space station itself forms the same type of mosaic as the people aboard. Add to that the confined quarters and the restriction it means to be in space with no easy escape if something goes wrong, it makes for fascinating stories to explore.

The stories all circle around the space station, but not all of them take place at it. You’ll meet different people with needs and goals. Some of them are struggling to make a living. Some are grieving for a loved one and take desperate actions to handle that grief. And some are just trying to do what they believe is right.

Does it sound interesting?

I’m running a campaign for a paperback collection with the first five stories in Descansar Universe.

Do you want to get the science fiction collection before anybody else?

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