Life at Descansar – Heart-warming science fiction!

Obnoxious smell. Thick, acrid, and kind of sweet. Interior burned to a crisp.

But shiny, new-looking walls?

Worse. It isn’t the first arson crime scene. It is the third…

A call to a bizarre crime scene pulls Danka into the biggest arson investigation of her career.

Can she solve the mystery before the next attack threatens everything she holds dear?

Arson is the first story in the Descansar Universe.

Descansar, the largest space station in this part of the galaxy. Home to ordinary people trying to make a living, smugglers and other criminals taking what they thought were the easy route, and security personnel always in pursuit of the truth or at least what they believe to be the truth. A hub for trade, travel, and shady dealings.

On Descansar everything can happen, and given enough time it will…

The stories in the Descansar Universe range from the humorous to the thrilling, but all of them centers around humans’ fears, hopes, and adventures.

I wanted to let you know about my next Kickstarter that starts the 18th of October. Arson – A Descansar Universe Kickstarter launches Arson, the first story in the universe.

Besides getting Arson more than one month before anybody else, you can also get my previously published stories.

Link to pre-launch page 

Cheers Eva

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