Descansar Universe

I’ve always loved science fiction, but not the hard kind with long-winded descriptions of technology. No, I love human-centric science fiction. How will life be different in the future? What problems will we face? What impact will new technology have on societies, cultures, and people’s lives? Those are the type of questions I’m interested in.

This, of course, influences the type of stories I write. Several of my most recent stories take place in the Descansar Universe. This fall, the first of those will be published.

Descansar, the largest space station in this part of the galaxy. Home to ordinary people trying to make a living, smugglers and other criminals taking what they thought were the easy route, and security personnel always in pursuit of the truth or at least what they believe to be the truth. A hub for trade, travel, and shady dealings.
On Descansar everything can happen, and given enough time it will…

The stories in the Descansar Universe range from the humorous to the thrilling, but all of them are science fiction space opera with a heart.

What kind of science fiction do you like?

Eva Holmquist

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